Multi-Function Device (MFD) Scan to E-mail Instructions

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Multi-Function Device (MFD) a.k.a. Xerox copier/scanner/printer is Xerox devices that are located around the campus and in the library for printing and scanning documents.

To scan a document and send it to E-mail please follow these instructions Use the contents below to get started:

Log in

Scan to E-mail

Log out

Log in

  1. Go to the printers touch screen monitor
  2. Tap on the touch screen to wake the device
  3. In the upper right corner, tap the keyboard button
  4. Type your Username and Password
  5. Tap Access Device

Scan to E-mail

  1. Place the document in the feeder, face-up, or place your document in the top left corner of the scan glass face-down
  2. Tap E-mail
  3. Add e-mail recipients
  4. Configure scan settings
  5. Tap Send
  6. Wait for the device to complete processing

Log Out

  1. Go to printer touch screens home page
  2. In the upper left corner, tap your Username
  3. Tap Log Out



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