Multi-Function Device (MFD) a.k.a. Xerox copier/scanner/printer Scan To Home Instructions

How To Use the Scan to Home Feature

Scan to Home allows you to scan hard copy originals at the printer and sends them to a destination on the network, which is specified as your "Home" destination.

You enter your Network Authentication log in at the printer, which then displays one Scan to Home template. When you scan a document, the authentication server provides the information as to who is logged in.

  1. Load the originals face-up in the 1. Document Handler or face-down on the Document Glass
  2. Login as the System Administrator or Key Operator
  3. Press the [Services Home] button on the Control Panel
  4. Select the [Workflow Scanning] button on the Touch Screen
  5. If prompted, enter your network authentication username and password
  6. Select the [Workflow Scanning] tab
  7. Select the Scan to Home template from the list of templates
  8. Make any programming changes to Output Color (if available), 2-Sided Scanning, Original Type and Scan Presets as required
  9. Press the [Start] button on the Control Panel to scan the job. Remove the originals from the Document Handler or Document Glass when scanning has completed
  10. Press the [Job Status] button to view the job list and check the status of your job
  11. Retrieve the scanned file from the home directory on the network


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