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Box Drive is an incredibly simple way to work with all of your files, right from your desktop, while taking up very little hard drive space.
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There are many different ways you can share your content with Box. The two primary methods are shared links and inviting collaborators.
Mirroring 360 is a program on some teaching stations that facilitates faculty teaching wirelessly from mobile devices or laptops; enhances collaboration and discussion by enabling display from multiple student devices; and can be used in various other ways in the classroom. If you are interested in using Mirroring 360 in your class, contact the Digital Learning Team at 315-781-4420 or dlc@hws.edu.
How-To Guide for inviting people to a Zoom meeting.
HWS network passwords (for campus logon, Webmail, PeopleSoft, etc.) may be changed from any computer by registering at http://myaccount.hws.edu. This service allows known passwords to be changed and forgotten or expired passwords to be reset if the user is registered prior to forgetting it. More details, in the form of questions and answers, are below.
Recommendations and settings to keep Zoom meetings secure.
How-to guide for joining a Zoom meeting
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