Grading with Points, Displaying as Percentage – Displaying as Percentage for Faculty Only


Steps for grading with points and percentages in the Canvas grade book.


When grading, if you use points but want the grades to display to you and your students as a percentage, the recommended best practice is to choose "display grade as points" when creating assignments. Please note: In doing so students will see points for individual assignments, not a percentage, but will still see percentages for their total group assignment (if applicable) and course grades. Detailed instructions are provided below.

If it is important to you that students see every assignment as a percent, or you have previously graded assignments and need help converting them correctly to a percentage, please contact the Digital Learning Team, to walk through what options would best suit your situation and needs.

To set up assignments in the grade book

  1. Display as PointsWhen creating an assignment, set the Display Grade as field to Points

  2. Settings gearMute all of your assignments by changing the posting policy from Automatic to Manual:
    1. In the gradebook, click on the settings gear

    2. Manually Post GradesAt the top of the dialogue box, click Grade Posting Policy
    3. Select Manually Post Grades
    4. Click Update

  3. In the Canvas grade book, Enter Grades
  4. To un-mute or post the grades to students, at the top of the assignment, click the three dots
  5. Click Post grades

Students will now receive a notification of their grade for that assignment and be able to see it in Canvas.

To change the faculty view from points to percent

  1. Post GradesWhen you have finished grading the assignment for all students in the class, at the top of the assignment column, click the three dots
  2. Click Enter Grades as
  3. Click Percentage

All of the grades for that assignment should now be displayed as a percent.







Need additional help? Contact the HWS IT Services Digital Learning Team.



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