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Instructions for using the Admit All feature in Zoom Waiting Rooms.
SpectrumU can be enjoyed on any web browser (such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc).
Below is a list of common pitfalls when writing survey questions. Avoiding these 7 pitfalls will increase the likelihood that your survey provides the data you desire.
An introduction to the Universal Design for Learning framework and how Canvas can help you incorporate the UDL principles for your diverse learners.
Overview of grading process using iPad to grade Canvas submitted PDFs that are downloaded to Box.
Are you having trouble setting up or using SpectrumU? Here are the most common issues and their resolutions.
Directions for unsubscribing from a Listserv.
Stream SpectrumU on Apple TV
Troubleshooting a weak or missing wireless signal
Troubleshooting your computer not finding any wireless networks.
If your device is set to remember previously joined wireless networks, it may join to HWS-Public before HWS-Private
Different manufacturers use different configurations of hardware and software that may or may not support secure wireless authentication.
This network is intended for temporary visitor access.
If you have been connected to HWS-Private in the past, you may need to remove the HWS-Private Profile.
HWS-Private is intended to provide users with HWS credentials more bandwidth, enhanced security and encryption, and access to all of the services on the HWS network.HWS-Public is primarily for visitors and guests to campus who need access to the Internet.
The wireless access points in residence areas are configured to run with the lights off in order to not disturb residents. The access points are functioning normally
Stream SpectrumU on Your iOS or Android Device
Enjoy SpectrumU on Roku
Instructions for configuring a Mac for Virtual Private Network access.
Instructions for configuring a PC for Virtual Private Network access.
Mapping Network Drives (M, N and I): Windows 10
Mapping Network Drives (M, N and I): Mac OS
Instructions for downloading and installing Visualizer software for a document camera.
How-To guide for screen sharing during a Zoom meeting.
Recommendations and settings to keep Zoom meetings secure.