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The Accellion Large File Transfer Protocol must be used to send e-mail attachment(s) larger than 10 megabytes. Total attachments size cannot exceed a total of 2GB.
An introduction to the Universal Design for Learning framework and how Canvas can help you incorporate the UDL principles for your diverse learners.
Set up an account with password services and reset your password
Procedures to follow in order to update ESET Security modules.
Instructions on how to update a Windows or Mac computer.
Procedures to follow in order to update ESET Security modules.
Connect to HWS-Private with an Android
Information about all distribution and LISTSERV discussion lists.
There are many different ways you can share your content with Box. The two primary methods are shared links and inviting collaborators.
To connect to HWS-Public, you must agree to the terms and conditions.
Enabling and setting up registration for Zoom meetings or webinars
Viewing registered attendees before a meeting and generating a report of attendees and registration questions.
Recommendations and settings to keep Zoom meetings secure.
Mapping Network Drives (M, N and I): Mac OS
Mapping Network Drives (M, N and I): Windows 10
Course evaluations become available during the last week of classes each semester through Reading Days.
Use these instructions to connect a Windows 10 computer to the HWS-Private wireless network.
Use these instructions to clear your browser cache.
Different ways to export and share Canvas course materials with other faculty.
Instructions for connecting to MFD printers on a Mac HWS machines
IT Services recommends using Secure FTP (SFTP) when moving files, such as when maintaining content for a personal web site, in an effort to keep the Colleges' systems better protected. FileZilla is an example of a secure FTP client for connecting to and managing content on your web site.