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Below is a list of common pitfalls when writing survey questions. Avoiding these 7 pitfalls will increase the likelihood that your survey provides the data you desire.
Adding Writing Colleagues, Teaching Fellows, or Faculty to a Canvas Site
Directions on how to use public desktop computers remotely.
Mapping Network Drives (M, N and I): Mac OS
Tips and templates for getting started with poster projects. For additional help contact the Digital Learning Team.
Datacamp contains videos specific to learning R, Python, SQL and other data analysis related software.
Smart classroom quick start guide and troubleshooting guide.
Troubleshooting for classroom technology
Are you having trouble setting up or using SpectrumU? Here are the most common issues and their resolutions.
E-mail / Webmail - how to toggle off text prediction or auto complete
Student Feedback Forms become available during the last week of classes each semester through Reading Days.
Setting up Microsoft Outlook with your HWS e-mail on a computer.
Overview of types of malicious programs and how to protect your computer
Removing your HWS e-mail from the default MacOS mail program
Connect your HWS e-mail through the Mail app on the iPhone or iPad.
Connect to HWS-Private with an Android
Using Box to deliver video content through Canvas is a great way to ensure that students have access to the content in an easy and accessible way.
How to copy and edit Student Learning Feedback Forms (SLFFs) to update them for a new semester.
HWS will use EvaluationKit to allow faculty to receive feedback from students based on course-specific learning objectives. Faculty will be able to customize the Student Learning Feedback Form (SLFF) template to reflect the goals, concepts, and skills taught in each of their classes and then deploy that form to their students using EvaluationKit.
Once you have created your Student Learning Feedback Form (SLFF) in EvaluationKit, you must attach it to the correct course(s) for it to be deployed to the students at course evaluation time.
Android: Adding Exchange Email
Sending a Baseline survey
Editing a Baseline survey