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Using MFA One-touch authorization on iOS mobile devices
Using MFA One-touch authorization on android mobile devices
Directions on how to install the MFA one-touch authorization app on iOS and android devices for quicker MFA when logging into HWS systems.
HWS will use EvaluationKit to allow faculty to receive feedback from students based on course-specific learning objectives. Faculty will be able to customize the Student Learning Feedback Form (SLFF) template to reflect the goals, concepts, and skills taught in each of their classes and then deploy that form to their students using EvaluationKit.
Step by step instructions are provided for faculty to access and download the results of Student Learning Feedback Forms (SLFFs) electronically.
Once you have created your Student Learning Feedback Form (SLFF) in EvaluationKit, you must attach it to the correct course(s) for it to be deployed to the students at course evaluation time.
Student Feedback Forms become available during the last week of classes each semester through Reading Days.
Creating and sending a Baseline survey
Updating your zoom desktop client
General Information and Resources for Canvas
The left-hand navigation buttons can be re-organized or hidden from students to help better facilitate delivery of course content.
Different ways to export and share Canvas course materials with other faculty.
Learn how to submit assignments through Canvas
Importing or Copying Canvas Course Materials
Viewing faculty or peer feedback on assignments
Canvas course design help
Using Box to deliver video content through Canvas is a great way to ensure that students have access to the content in an easy and accessible way.
Box Drive is an incredibly simple way to work with all of your files, right from your desktop, while taking up very little hard drive space.
There are many different ways you can share your content with Box. The two primary methods are shared links and inviting collaborators.
Chart of different types of data and what should be stored on Box.
General information about Box
Everything you need to know for getting started with Box.
Troubleshooting syncing and local storage issues with Box Drive
Preparing Canvas Sites for the end of the semester
Different reasons you might be seeing a course in Canvas.