E-mail Client Access

Summary (what you get)

HWS e-mail may be accessed at https://webmail.hws.edu in most Web browsers on any Internet connection. This is the method that IT Services recommends for most users, especially students.

HWS e-mail may also be accessed from an e-mail client such as Outlook, Entourage, or Mail or from many mobile devices such as Androids and iPhones.

Services Included

There are instructions available for setting up the most common computer-based e-mail clients.

There are two types of access to e-mail available:

  1. Exchange (recommended): Allows access to e-mail, calendar, contacts, and more
  2. IMAP: Simply allows access to e-mail only and works on and off campus in most e-mail programs

Related Information

Most clients and devices can be set up with the following information:

  • Server name: webmail.hws.edu
  • Server/account type: IMAP
  • Encryption/security: Enable SSL for incoming and outgoing e-mail
  • E-mail address: hwsusername@hws.edu
    Note that the student aliases (firstname.lastname@hws.edu) do not work
  • Username/password: Your HWS network credentials

For the Exchange method, usually entering the e-mail and password will be sufficient for the client to auto-configure. For IMAP, it may also be necessary to change the incoming port to 993, if the client does not do that automatically.

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