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HWS will fully transition to the all-digital SpectrumU service and discontinue the traditional campus cable television service on June 1, 2022. If you or your department uses television on campus that is connected to a coaxial cable and need assistance with deploying SpectrumU, contact us by clicking the Get Help with Cable TV button on the right.

For the best TV streaming experience on campus, please see our TV Streaming service to learn about SpectrumU.

Summary (what you get)

Live, all-digital, high-definition cable television is provided by the Colleges free of charge, inclusive of HBO and Showtime, to academic buildings, athletic facilities, and residential administrative housing; anything but student residences.

What is Not Included

IT Services does not provide hardware such as TVs or roku devices.

Related Information

If you are unable to find any channels, please try the following:

Please note: All TV manufacturers differ, so menu options, wording and other items may vary. The best way to complete the channel scan is to refer to the TV owner's manual. If that is unavailable, the following general steps should guide you through the process.

  1. Using your television's remote control, press the Menu or Settings option.
    Note: a "Smart TV" may have a smart button that must be used to access the settings menu. It will generally have the manufacturer's logo on it.
  2. Locate Channels or Tuner Set Up option.
  3. Check the menu for an option of Antenna Type or Connection Type followed by either Antenna or Cable.
  4. Make sure that the designated setting is Cable (based on manufacturer, alternate choices may include Digital Cable, CATV or Cable STD)
  5. From the menu, choose Digital Channel Search (based on manufacturer, alternate choices may include Channel Scan, Channel Search or Auto-program.)
  6. Allow the TV to complete the search. You will see a bar listing how many channels have been found. The process may take up to an hour.
  7. Once complete, confirm the menu prompt, then press an exit or quit option.

Please contact the IT Help Desk if you are still not receiving any channels.

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