Custom E-mail Lists

Summary (what you get)

E-mail listserv lists are a mechanism to distribute information amongst a group of users via e-mail. Lists are highly configurable by the requester, who takes on the role of “List Manager”. Unlike some other e-mail distribution options, recipients of the list may be users within the HWS community (i.e. or generic Internet users (i.e.

Services Included

  • An e-mail address in the form which distributes messages to list members
  • A Web-based administration tool allows a list manager to change membership and list properties:
    • Manually adding members to the list
    • Allowing users to self-subscribe to the list
    • Announcement lists where only the list manager can send e-mails to the list
    • Discussion lists where subscribers can also send e-mails to the list

When Customer Receives It

An e-mail listserv can be requested at any time from the Help Desk by submitting a service request using the form at the top right of this page. A request is typically completed within one week depending on the nature of the list.

Request Custom Listserv


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