Voice Mail to E-mail

Summary (what you get)

IT Services enabled the capability of converting voice messages left on the Colleges’ phone system to media files that are sent to your e-mail account. You can play these media files on devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. In addition, this capability gives you the opportunity to easily forward a voice mail to a co-worker for collaboration or follow-up.

Services Included

  • Access to the Colleges’ voice mail system by web site (voicemail.hws.edu) to enable/disable the service and control options
  • Conversion of voice mail messages to .wav files that are received by e-mail

When Customer Receives It

New users may initially activate the service is by through the web site voicemail.hws.edu.

Go to the Voicemail web site


Service ID: 29591
Fri 8/3/18 10:29 AM
Wed 1/27/21 2:34 PM