Conference Speaker Phone

Summary (what you get)

IT Services has several options for lending conference phones for teleconferences and meetings.

Services Included

A variety of spaces on campus are already enabled for teleconferences. If you have teleconferencing needs, please contact the Help Desk to request to borrow a conference phone. The conference phone will be installed in the room specified in the request and removed after the conference is completed. The Help Desk also has pre-configured IP conference phones available for check-out that can be plugged into any active campus network jack for use.

Depending upon your needs the web video conferencing service may also be an appropriate option.


None, unless equipment is lost or damaged, in which case, the borrower is responsible for repair or replacement costs.

Requests should be made as far ahead of time as possible to assure availability.

Request a Conference Phone


Service ID: 29671
Mon 8/6/18 1:55 PM
Fri 8/6/21 10:21 AM