Telephone Service

Summary (what you get)

Students: Each residence hall room has been supplied with a phone jack and assigned a campus extension (the last four digits of the telephone number). For voicemail subscribers, the mail box number is the same as the campus extension. Phones and phone cords are not provided.

Note: There is only one phone jack for each room, regardless if it's a double or triple, so only one student needs to supply a phone.

From your room, you can call any on-campus phone (administrative, faculty or other students) by dialing the campus extension. Please use this method as it is a free method for making on campus calls. You will have the ability to receive calls and make outgoing local calls.

To receive calls from off-campus, if it's a local call the caller can dial 787-XXXX. From long distance the caller must dial the full number, (315) 787-XXXX.

Faculty and staff: Phones are supplied for faculty and staff offices by IT Services.

Services Included

Campus phone service includes:

  • Unlimited local calling
  • Call Waiting
  • Toll-free, 800, 866, and 877 calling free of charge
  • Voicemail, available upon request.

What is Not Included

Phones are not supplied for students by the Colleges. Students need to bring a touch-tone telephone for their own use. Additionally, maintenance of the phone equipment is the student's responsibility.

Student long distance service is not provided. In order to make long distance calls from your room phone, you will need to arrange for your own long distance carrier. You can use any service as long as your dialing begins with a toll-free call to your carrier of choice. You can purchase pre-paid cards at The College Store or a variety of other stores.

Related Information

Collect or third party calls cannot be made to student phone numbers. These types of calls have been blocked on the Hobart and William Smith Colleges main number and switchboard as well.

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