Internet Access for Smart Devices and Game Consoles

Summary (what you get)

Smart devices and gaming consoles can be used at HWS on the HWS-Public network.

Services include

The ability to use smart devices, gaming consoles, and other devices that require an internet connection. These devices MUST use HWS-Public. After accepting the terms of use, your device should be connected to the Internet. If the device does not connect, you may need to restart your device and reconnect to HWS-Public. You may have to restarted up to three times before the device will connect. If your device does not connect, you can request a bypass for your device using the button in the upper right.

When you receive it

If your device does not connect, it can take 1-2 days for IT Services to create the bypass and the device will need to be restarted before it will connect.

Related information

If your device is not connecting to HWS-Public after several attempts at restarting/reconnecting, you will need to provide your device’s MAC address to the IT Help Desk. Your device's MAC address is located on the device itself, in the device settings, or in the device documentation. The MAC address looks like a string of two-character groups, usually separated by a colon or dash, like this: C0-33-5E-D9-C8-D2. To submit your MAC address to the Help Desk, please use the green button Request Device Access on this page.

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