Tools for Online Teaching


Video guides for the most frequently used tools for online instruction, including Zoom and Canvas.


Video guides for the most frequently used tools for online instruction, including Zoom and Canvas.


  1. Welcome and Introduction
  2. Logging in and Getting Started Guide
  3. Security
    1. Introduction and General Considerations
    2. Settings for all Meetings
    3. In Meeting Settings
  4. Scheduling a Meeting
  5. Connecting Audio Devices
  6. Connecting Video Devices
  7. Managing Participants
  8. Share Screen
  9. Chat
  10. Breakout Rooms
  11. Polling
  12. Join Before Host
  13. Recording
  14. Auto-captioning (Note: Auto-captioning can take several hours to days after a meeting ends to complete)
  15. Sharing a Zoom Cloud Recording
  16. Additional Documentation
    1. Preparing for your First Zoom Meeting
    2. HWS Zoom documentation
    3. Zoom Help Center

Canvas Basics

     1. The Canvas interface and the course roster (People)
     2. Creating a Canvas page and setting a home page
     3. Checking Canvas notification settings
     4. Announcements - sending announcements with links to a scheduled zoom meeting
     5. Posting a Syllabus & Course Files
     6. Adjusting Course Navigation and Publishing Course


Deeper dive into the basics: The Canvas 101 Course Site

Canvas Advanced

  1. Discussions
  2. Assignments
  3. Quizzes
  4. Modules


Class meetings may be recorded and made available in a restricted manner to students currently registered for the class; if faculty choose to record a class meeting, they should communicate this to students. Students may not record lectures or classes without permission from the faculty leading the class (and guest speakers, when applicable); students who require recordings to support learning needs should contact the Disability Services Coordinator at the Center for Teaching and Learning for individualized accommodations.  When permission is granted, students may keep recordings only for personal use only. Recordings may not be reproduced, shared with those not in the class, or uploaded to other online platforms.  In the event that faculty would like to share recordings beyond the class, they must request the consent of students identifiable in the recordings prior to dissemination.



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