Preparing for Your First Zoom Meeting

Before your first class: 

  1. Download the Zoom Client on you device: 

  • We strongly recommend using the full desktop version of Zoom – browser extensions and mobile apps are available as well, but should be considered a secondary choice.   

  1. For best results, we recommend the following equipment: 

  • Built-in web camera on your device  

  • External speaker/microphone 

For every class: 

  • Plan to be on your laptop, settled, and ready to connect 5-10 minutes before class starts, so that you can test your audio and video.  If you are joining from a mobile device, please be aware of your surroundings and mute audio if necessary.   
  • Remember that when you join the session you will be on camera.  Make sure that your background is well lit and free of distractions, and that you are prepared for others to see you. 
  • Remember that when you join the session you may or may not be muted!  Check the "mute" icon before attempting to speak.   
  • Ensure that you have ample battery remaining (if on battery power) to get through the class session. We recommend that you plug in, if possible, prior to class start.   
  • Click on the link your instructor gave you and join the session.   
  • You will be prompted to join by computer audio or join by phone audio; we suggest using computer audio. We highly recommend that you use headphones that have a microphone as well, so that you and others can hear each other clearly.   
  • If the video freezes or you need to signal a professor without using audio, use the chat tool, or the reactions to draw attention to yourself, and let others know you are having difficulties. 
  • You may be asked to share your screen.  Make sure that you are selecting things that you are comfortable sharing with others, and are appropriate.  Be sure to watch for things that contain personally identifying information and do not share beyond what you would share with classmates normally.   
  • Recording the session – as a host (professor) you are able to record each meeting either locally or in the cloud.  If you use the local settings, you will be able to record everything that you experience, including your group work in breakout rooms.  If you use cloud recording, you will only be able to record the main room, and breakout rooms used for group work, etc. will not be recorded.   As a participant (students) you may only record locally.  This will record "your perspective," including any breakrooms that you enter.  
  • Class meetings may be recorded and made available in a restricted manner to students currently registered for the class; if faculty choose to record a class meeting, they should communicate this to students. Students may not record lectures or classes without permission from the faculty leading the class (and guest speakers, when applicable); students who require recordings to support learning needs should contact the Disability Services Coordinator at the Center for Teaching and Learning for individualized accommodations.  When permission is granted, students may keep recordings only for personal use only. Recordings may not be reproduced, shared with those not in the class, or uploaded to other online platforms.  In the event that faculty would like to share recordings beyond the class, they must request consent of students identifiable in the recordings prior to dissemination.

For technical issues: 

  • Follow the instructions and advice of your professor(s), if you can reach them.   

  • If there is the need for immediate support, please contact the Help Desk at 315.781.4357 or 

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