Baseline: Sending A Survey


Sending a Baseline survey


Once you have created and edited your survey in Baseline, it is time to send the survey to your respondents. There are two ways to send a survey: by copying the unique link to the survey and giving that link directly to your respondents, or by using the mass e-mail feature of the Baseline program.

Things to consider

If your respondents access your Baseline survey by clicking the survey link, either in a direct e-mail message to them, via an announcement, page, or other method in Canvas, or simply by typing in the URL into their own browsers, the responses you receive will be anonymous. Respondents will be able to access the link and take the survey an unlimited number of times. There are several ways to combat this; please contact IT Services to brainstorm the best way to limit access to your survey.

If you use the Mass Mailings tool in Baseline, a unique link is sent to each e-mail address so respondents are identified and may only complete the survey once; anonymity can be preserved in Reports by setting your Advanced Options during survey creation or at any time in Settings. Respondents receiving a Mass Mailing may leave the survey and return to it where they left off. You can also send reminders to non-respondents. You cannot use the Mass Mailings tool to send a survey to a listserv or distribution list.

To send a survey by e-mailing the link

1.On the Project Dashboard page for the survey, under Administration, copy the unique link to the survey

2. Using your e-mail program (Outlook, etc.), create an e-mail to your recipient list and paste the link into the body of the e-mail










To send a survey with the Mass Mailings tool

1. On the Project Dashboard page for the survey, under Mass Mailings, click Manage

2. On the Mass Mailings page, click Create New Mailing






3. Follow the instructions on the Blank Mailing page to compose the message

a. Enter a name from whom the e-mail will appear to be sent
b. Enter an address to whom recipients can reply
c. Enter a subject
d. In the e-mail body, write a message
e. Click the button [Insert Instructions]

Note: It will appear as just [INSTRUCTIONS] in the message text; this is normal.

4. At the bottom, click Create












5. Follow the instructions on the mailing completion page to select recipients

a. Click the To button
b. In the Add Addresses tab, paste the address list
c. Click Add Addresses
d. Review the addresses; when finished click Close
: You may have to maximize your browser to see the Close button.
e. Above the Details area, click Preview








6. At least 15 minutes in the future, in the Requested Schedule Date area, schedule the date/time to send the e-mail








7. Click Finish. The e-mail will be sent automatically, based on the date/time entered


Need additional help? Contact HWS IT Services.



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