Editing a Survey (Baseline: Editing Projects)

The campus-wide tool for creating surveys is called Baseline. Users are grouped by department, and each survey is called a project. Collaborators are given access to a particular survey project within a department. Follow the instructions below to edit an already-created survey project.

To edit a survey project:

1.       baseline_login_new.jpgGo to Baseline at

We recommend bookmarking this link for future reference.

2.       At the login page, enter your HWS username and password

3.       Click Sign In



4.       menu_projects_new.pngOn the upper menu, click Projects



5.       Under Project List, look for the project by viewing the Active or UpactiveProject_new.jpgcoming projects

6.       Click on the project title





7.       edit_survey.gifTo the right of the survey information, click Edit




8.       At the upper left, click New to begin adding questions

9.       From the list that appears, select the question type







10.   doneediting.gifAfter adding all the questions, at the upper left of the page, click Done Editing




11.   Send the survey to recipients, using either of the following:

·         Administration_web.gifIn the left column, under Administration, the unique link to the survey will be shown, and may be copied and pasted into an e-mail to survey recipients

Note: If you use this option, responses are anonymous (unless you add a validation) and respondents can access the link an unlimited number of times.



·         administration_massmailing.gifAlternatively, below the Administration area, use the Mass Mailings feature to send a group of recipients the link to the survey

Note: With this option, a unique link is sent to each e-mail address so respondents are identified and may only complete the survey once; respondents may leave the survey and return to it where they left off; reminders may be sent to non-respondents only.

a.       Click Manage


b.      massmailing_newmailing.gifOn the Mass Mailings page, click Create New Mailing




c.       massmailing_new.png Follow the instructions on the Blank Mailing page to compose the message

d.      Within the message, where you want the survey link to appear click the yellow [Insert INSTRUCTIONS] button

Note: It will appear as just [INSTRUCTIONS] in the message text; this is normal.

e.      Click Create




f.        finalizemailing.pngFollow the instructions on the mailing completion page to select recipients and schedule the date/time to send the e-mail

g.       To ensure your e-mail is what you want, above the Details area, click the Preview button

h.      When your e-mail is ready, click Finish

If you have any trouble with the above process, please contact the Help Desk in the Library Learning Commons or 315-781-4357 (ext. 4357/HELP on campus) or helpdesk@hws.edu.