Baseline: New Project - Creating a Survey

The campus-wide tool for creating surveys is called Baseline. Users are grouped by department, and each survey within a user's account is called a project. Workspaces within Baseline are configured to support collaboration. Accordingly, by default, all of the individuals within your own campus organization or department have access to survey projects created within the group's designated space. Private research space can be created upon request, by submitting a ticket to the Help Desk.

Things to consider

When you create a new survey in Baseline, you will be able to customize many settings. Upon creation, you will be asked to enter a survey title. Including the semester and year in the project title may be helpful for later searches. If you have multiple workspaces, you can select which department the survey will be created in. You will select dates for the survey to open and close, before and after which your respondents will not be able to access the survey. You will also be able to create a unique link to the survey.
There are other security options to keep in mind when you create a Baseline survey. Requiring a Secure Connection to complete the survey would be advantageous if you do not have images in your survey and you want extra security. If you do not want the possibility of a user’s name to appear in a downloaded Excel file, which is possible if you use Mass Mailing to distribute the survey, then you can Hide User Information in Report. If complete privacy is desired, including the prevention of these survey results from being accessible in another survey, you can Hide Project Results from Cross-Project Reporting. These Advanced Options are all optional.
Immediately after creating a new survey, you will be asked to choose tags for the survey. Adding tags to a survey can help in searching for the survey within Baseline in the future. If you do not wish to add any tags to your survey, simply skip step 9 in the following instructions. You can always add tags later in the Project Categories section of the Project Dashboard.

How to create a new survey

1. Navigate to Baseline and log in with your HWS credentials


2. On the welcome page, click Baseline

Click Baseline






3. On the upper menu, click Projects

Click Projects





4. On the upper far right of the screen, click New Project

Click New Project






5. On the Select a Project Type screen, to the far right under Free-Form, click Create Project

Click Create Project








6. Customize the survey Settings

7. To adjust security options, click on the arrow for the Advanced Options dropdown menu

8. Click Create 
















9. Choose any tags you wish to add by clicking on them

10. Click Continue


Need additional help? Contact HWS IT Services.

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