Outgoing Students and Employees

Graduating, retiring, or leaving HWS? After you leave HWS, your accounts will be deactivated, and your data will no longer be available to you. Take the following steps to prepare for these changes and preserve your data. 

Classes of 2022: Your account will expire on December 31, 2022.

 Action Required

 Recommended Action

 Complete Student Timeline

 No Access Change

Action Required

Take these steps to preserve your data and accounts. After the date listed, you will not be able to access these accounts.

Return Borrowed Equipment

Students who have checked out equipment or loaner laptops from IT Services have received an e-mail with instructions for return. Please return this equipment to the IT Help Desk prior to leaving campus.

Transfer Ownership of Club, Committee, or Department Files and Accounts

Take stock of any files, accounts, and e-mail lists you own on behalf of HWS clubs and organizations, committees, or departments. You will need to transfer ownership to a continuing HWS student before your own accounts are deactivated.

Change your e-mail address on external services

If you used your HWS e-mail to register for or log on to a non-HWS website or service (ie. Apple ID, social media, banking, shopping, and job search websites), you will need to update your registration with a personal e-mail account for that site or service. Most services require you to use the registered e-mail to reset your password, so if you do not change your registered e-mail account to something other than your HWS e-mail, you may not be able to recover an account or use the service.

Additionally, for job search purposes, make sure that your e-mail address has been updated on your resume and on any applications you have already submitted so that potential employers will have up to date information on where they can contact you.

Migrate Files

Backup any files saved in Box or campus network space prior to your account being deactivated.

Stored on Box

We recommend installing Box Drive to sync files to your local device. Once you've synced your files, copy or move the files to your personal computer or different cloud storage solution.

Stored on Network Space (M-drive)

If you are off campus, you must be connected to the VPN. You may need to configure the VPN before you can connect to it. Ensure the M-drive is mapped on your computer. Once you are connected to the M-drive, copy or move the files to your personal computer or cloud storage.

Save and Migrate E-mail and Calendar Files

You should begin preserving your HWS account data long before it is set to be deactivated. You have several options to download your data and migrate it to a different e-mail account. Once you have migrated the data, we strongly recommend you open it in its new location to confirm the process has been successful.

Action Recommended

These steps will help make your transition away from HWS easier, but they are not required.

Turn on E-mail Auto-Reply and Auto-Forwarding

Your HWS e-mail account will be deactivated as indicated above. However, you should turn on an auto-reply and e-mail forwarding a month before this deactivation date to ease the transition away from your HWS e-mail address. Auto-reply and e-mail forwarding will stop working when your account is deactivated. Instructions are available.

Uninstall and remove HWS-licensed Software

HWS licensed software such as Microsoft Office will stop working after your account is shut off. You can purchase a personal license through Microsoft to continue accessing the product. However, other programs and services including the HWS VPN, Splashtop, and class software such as SPSS or ArcGIS will not work once your account is shut ff. They can be removed from your computer to save space.

Download or Export Canvas Content

Canvas courses at HWS are kept in a read-only state indefinitely. To export or download content from canvas courses follow the directions below.


There are numerous ways to export or share Canvas content. More information can be found in the Export or Share Canvas Course Content knowledge base article.


Download any assignments, particularly final projects or papers from Canvas. You can download assignments individually or download all submissions at once. Instructions to download all submissions.

Download Zoom Recordings

Any recordings stored in Zoom will be removed.

Complete Timeline of Access Changes

The following changes will occur over the next year. You will be notified when specific due dates are approaching.

MAY 2022 Enable e-mail auto-reply and auto-forwarding
Return equipment and laptops
Transfer ownership of files and accounts
DECEMBER 2022 Account De-activated

No Access Change

Emeritus faculty and long-standing staff members may retain some access after retirement. The following services and accounts will not be deactivated but your licensing or privileges could change:
  • E-mail (webmail only)
  • Zoom
  • Box


Return borrowed equipment

Transfer ownership of Club, Committee, or Department files and accounts

Migrate files (Box, One-drive, network folders)

Save and migrate e-mail and calendar files

Turn on e-mail auto-reply and auto-forwarding

Change your e-mail address on external services

Uninstall/remove HWS licensed software (including Microsoft Office)

Download or export Canvas content
Download Zoom recordings