Printing through the Print-It Web Print Portal

To print from a personal computer please go to  This portal will allow you to print Microsoft (docx, xlsx, ppt) and pdf files from your personal computer to the public library printers. 

When printing from a public lab or library computer you can print directly from the computer and do not need to use web print.

Below are common issues and errors that could occur and best practices to avoid them.

Printing Large Files

Files are Taking a Long Time to Print

The Uploaded File Type is not Supported

Rendering Failed

Printing Large Files

If you are printing a large file (100mb or more) the print process can be slow. Printing the same file multiple times will cause printing to be even slower. To reduce file size try:

  • Best solution for printing large files is either flattening the PDF file using Adobe Acrobat
  • Print directly from library computers. 
  • Reducing the size of images inside of the file

Files are Taking a Long Time to Print

Printing can be slow if there the file is 100mb or larger or if many people are printing at the same time. Please only print once and if your job queue is taking long time, please print from library computers. Notify HWS IT Services so we can process a refund.

Error: The uploaded file type is not supported

This error comes up when trying to print files that aren't pdf or Microsoft office files. Please convert the file to either word, excel or pdf and try to print again. 

Error: Rendering Failed

This error occurs when you are trying to print large file that isn't filtered and it timed out. Please try to use the library computers and print directly to avoid this issue and possibly slowing down printing for other users. 


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