Filezilla Installation and Setup on a Mac

IT Services recommends using Secure FTP (SFTP) when moving files, such as when maintaining content for a personal web site, in an effort to keep the Colleges' systems better protected.


FileZilla is an example of a secure FTP client for connecting to and managing content on your web site. Please use the instructions below to download, install, and configure FileZilla.


To download and install FileZilla:

  1. To Download, go to



  2. Go to the Downloads folder and double click on the file FileZilla_3.17.0.1_macosx-


    This will extract the FileZilla app into the Downloads folder.



  3. Move (drag) the app to the Applications folder


  4. In the Applications folder, double-click on FileZilla to open it


To configure FileZilla:

Once FileZilla is open, you need to configure it with your site-specific information. The following instructions use an example configuration.



  1. In FileZilla, click File > Site Manager


  2. In the Site Manager, click New Site image

  3. On the left in the site tree, name your site



  4. In the General tab (on the right), in the Host field, enter


  5. In the Protocol dropdown menu, select

    SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol


  6. In the Logon Type dropdown menu, select Normal

  7. In the User field, enter your HWS username


  8. In the Password field, enter your HWS password



  9. Click on the Advanced tab


  10. In the Advanced tab, in the Default local directory field, browse to your web site files


    This should be wherever you keep your working files, your own copy, of your web site.


  11. Leave the Default remote directory field blank


  12. Click Connect


  13. You may receive a message “Unknown host key”; click OK




    Once successfully connected, you will see a list of directories in the remote site window.


  14. Find the directory for your site and double-click on it


The files in your home directory will be listed and you will be able to add/delete/modify files in that directory.


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