Connecting to MFD printers and adding Finishing Options on a Mac

Connecting to HWS Printers on a Mac and adding Finishing options

Please follow these instructions to install campus printers and the Finishing options on your Mac computer

Note: These instructions are for Faculty and Staff computers only. 


To add a printer on a Mac

  1. On your keyboard press [Command] + [Space] to open Spotlight Search.
  2. Type in "Self Service" and hit [Return]

  3. Locate "Printers" in the left-hand navigation bar and click on it.

  4. On-screen, there should be a list of all printers you have access to based on the location of your office. To add a printer, simply click the button that says "Add". If you need to reinstall a printer, simply click the button that says "Re-Add". If you do not see any printers available to you, please Submit A Ticket.  A list of all available HWS MFD printers and their locations can be found here: HWS MFD Printers.


  To Install MFD Finishing Options on Mac

Finishing and Paper Trays

  1. Select printer in Printers and Scanners
  2. Select Options and Supplies
  3. Select Options

  4. Select Lower Paper Trays from Option Tray drop-down

  5. Select Finisher
    This option is based on the model of the printer in your dept.
         For printer IM C4510 choose Finisher SR3320
         For printer IM C2510 choose Finisher SR3310

    Printer model information can be found on the front of your Ricoh MFD  


        6. Select Adobe PostScript from PostScript drop-down


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