Secure FTP Connection Instructions for

FTP Client and Configuration

Please use any Secure FTP client that supports Secure FTP (SSH) or FTPs. Filezilla is a free, easy to use client that supports both the protocols. Following is the configuration information:

  • FTP Site Name/Address:
  • User ID: you no longer need to use the hwsmicro\ prefix
  • Password:
  • Protocol: FTP or SFTP

If you use FTP, you will also need to specify the Encryption Type, the following Encryption Types are supported:

  • Explicit FTP over TLS
  • Implicit FTP over TLS

When configuring the Encryption Type, you may be presented with the following options, only the ones in green below will be supported:

  • Use explicit FTP over TLS if available
  • Require explicit FTP over TLS
  • Require implicit FTP over TLS
  • Only use plain FTP (unsecure)

Once successfully connected, you will see a list of directories in the remote site window, find the directory for your site and double click on it. It will list the files in your home directory and you will be able to add/delete/modify files in that directory. If you try to double click on a home directory that doesn't belong to you, you will get an "Access Denied" error message.

How to Identify the Home Directory for your Site

Typically, the home directory for your site is the same as your User ID and your site URL reflects that name, for example:

  • Your User ID is JSMITH
  • Your Site URL will be
  • Your FTP Home Directory will be JSMITH

There may be instances where you may have access to multiple sites, for example, you may have your own personal site on the server as well as one for a course. User John Smith might have a personal website on the server as, but he may also manage a course site for Art 101 as In this case, when user JSMITH logs on to the FTP site, he will be able to double click on both, JSMITH and ART101 folders. In this instance, John will double click on the home folder for the site for which he he wants to manage the content.

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