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I know an option should be available for a certain question, such as putting a text box at the bottom of a list for an "other: please specify", but I can't see how to do it when I’m adding a question. Where do I find it?

For most of the kinds of questions in Baseline, additional options, such as adding a different answer type, are only available after creating the question, in the question editing screens. First create the question, then edit it to find the additional options. For example, the options to shuffle answers, add/remove/specify the requirement to answer, and all reporting and display logic, are only available in the Edit Question screens. The options to display an answer on the survey, include a textbox, pre-select an answer, or add default text are only available in the Edit Answer screens.

I logged into Baseline, created a project yesterday, and now I don't see it, or any projects at all. Is all my work still there?

Your projects and their responses are all still saved. Baseline has an inconsistent caching issue, and we are working with our consultants to identify and fix the problem. In the meantime, we suggest closing and re-opening your browser (not just Baseline, but the browser itself) and/or clearing your browser cache when you experience this issue. Please contact the Help Desk if you have any questions about this process.

How do I copy questions from an existing survey into my current survey?

In the survey project, as you're adding a question (the New dropdown with all the question types) at the very bottom under Complete Question is the option My Projects. Selecting this will bring up a list of projects to which you have access and you can choose a question from the project you select. The Question Bank (also under Complete Question) offers template questions from Campus Labs.

How do I add a text box to an answer, if my answers are radio buttons or checkboxes? For example, if the respondent should add detail to the answer chosen, such as "Other: (please describe)"?

In the survey project, add a single or multiple select question as you would normally. Enter the question and all the answers and click OK. Now, mouseover the answer for which you would like to add a textbox, and click on the green pencil icon to edit the answer. Check Include Textbox (options for row height, character limits, etc. will appear). Click OK.

How do I ensure anonymity in the survey results?

In the survey project, go to the Edit Project Settings page. At the bottom, under Advanced Options, check Hide User Information in Report; click Save.

If I have questions that require a text answer, how do I get the text responses to appear in my reports?

In the project's Results page, on the righthand column under Export, check Include All Open Ended.

Can I test-answer my survey before sending it out?

Yes, there is a Preview button in the top right of the project page. Click Preview and the survey will open in a new tab or window, with a watermark (Preview) on the page. Take the survey on the preview page. No data will be collected.

How do I send out my survey to respondents?

There are 2 options for sending out a survey.

  1. The generic survey URL can be pasted into the body of an e-mail and sent to respondents. Note: this method will allow respondents to take the survey more than once.
  2. The Baseline mass mailing tool can be used to send a unique URL to each respondent. This unique URL has benefits such as limiting responses to a single submission, allowing the respondent to stop and return to the survey later to complete it, and also offers a method to set-up automatic reminder notices for those who have not yet completed the survey.

How do I restrict my survey to one submission per respondent?

Respondents will be able to take the survey multiple times if the generic survey link is sent to all respondents in an e-mail.

If the Baseline mass mailing tool is used to send the survey, respondents will receive a unique URL and will only be able to complete the survey once. Respondents will also have the ability to stop and return to the survey later to complete it. This unique URL also offers a method for the survey designer to set-up reminder notices to those who have yet to complete the survey.

Is there a benefit to using the Baseline mass mailing tool to send out my survey?

The Baseline mass mailing tool sends a unique URL to each respondent. This unique URL has benefits such as limiting responses to a single submission, allowing the respondent to stop and return to the survey later to complete it, and also offers a method to set-up automatic reminder notices for those who have not yet completed the survey.

How can I send reminder e-mails to people who have not yet taken the survey?

If you use the Mass Mailing tool in Baseline to send out your survey, you can use the tool to send reminder e-mails. The Mass Mailing tool sends a unique link to each e-mail recipient. Through the tool you can also create reminder e-mails; the tool will filter out recipients who have already taken the survey and send the reminder to those who have not taken it.

Can people answer the survey from their phone or other mobile device?

Yes, respondents can answer a survey from a device that has an Internet connection, such as an iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. The survey display will automatically format for the device.

How do I see all my questions on a single page, for my own reference?

In the survey project editing window, between the Preview and Settings buttons, click the Outline button. The outline for the survey project will open in a new tab or window and show all the questions and information about the questions. You can export the outline as Word or PDF (options are at the top left of the page).

How can I combine pages of my survey into one page?

Once you select the question, you can use the dropdown at the top right of the question to select a page. Questions can be moved one at a time.

Can a respondent start a survey, save a draft of the work they've completed, and come back to complete the rest of the survey at a later time?

If the survey is sent to respondents using the Baseline mass mailing tool, respondents can stop and restart using the unique link sent to them in the e-mail. If the survey respondents are using the generic link (shown in the Project Dashboard under Administration [Web]), the survey must be completed in one sitting. For more information:

I need to select certain results from the survey and report on it over a period of days. How do I do that?

In the survey results view, use the options in the Filters area to isolate the data you want to see. Once you have the view you like, use the View Options area (below the Filters area) to name the view and save it. The next time you log in and look for the results to that survey, in the View Options area, select the view you named and click load.

How do I add another user to help edit my survey, such as a student or a colleague from another department?

Survey owners or sponsors who wish to have students or colleagues edit their survey should make a request and indicate the department name containing the survey, the survey project name, the student/colleague name, and the student/colleague username.

How do I export the survey results to Excel?

On the project dashboard, click View Results. On the righthand side of the screen, below Filters and View Options, expand the Export area. In the upper portion of the Export area, next to Detail, check Include All Open Ended. You may also wish to uncheck Use Alternate Codes. Next to Detail, click Excel. Save your Excel file.

Are all of my surveys available for the entire HWS community to access? What if I need private research space?

Workspaces within Baseline are configured to support collaboration. Accordingly, by default, all of the individuals within your own campus organization or department (e.g. Chemistry Department, Admissions, IT Services, etc.) will have access to survey projects created within the group's designated space. Private research space can be created upon request in Baseline. If you require private research space within Baseline, request it by submitting a ticket to the Helpdesk. A private space will then be created for which you will have exclusive access.

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