Softphone Installation

IP Softphone Installation

Table of Contents
Step 1: Download The Application 1
Download Information
Download Direct Link (Exe File) 1
Step 2: Installation
Step 3: Application Configuration 2
Step 4: Phone Programming
Step 5: Testing (Final Step)


This service is only available if your phone line has already been configured for a soft phone. To have a phone line configured, please contact the IT Help Desk and request that first. 

The Avaya 2050PC Soft-Phone is only supported on a Windows OS platform and requires you to either be on campus or on VPN to our local HWS network. With our current Avaya/Nortel PBX phone system there are no other installers that are supported for this program. You can attempt to use an application like WINE to install, but we cannot support that 3rd party integration to your non-Windows machine at this time.

Step 1: Download The Application

In order to have a virtual interface to the phone system, you will need the local application for your Windows machine. This can be found at the link below.

Download Information Page:

Download Direct Link (Exe File):

Step 2: Installation

  1. Select Language
  2. OK
  3. Next
  4. Select I accept the agreement
  5. Next
  6. Next
  7. (confirm in dropdown menu) Full installation
  8. Next
  9. Next
  10. Confirm Create a desktop icon is selected
  11. Confirm Create a Quick Launch icon is selected
  12. Next
  13. Install

    If an error displays:
  14. Select Automatically close the applications
  15. Next
  16. Select Language
  17. Next
  18. Select Skinned mode
  19. Next
  20. Finish

Step 3: Application Configuration

  1. Open the 2050 IP Softphone Application
  2. Click the A Symbol (Upper Left Corner)
  3. File > Settings > Server (Left Side)
  4. Select IP
  5. Enter
  6. From the dropdown menu, select CS 1000
  7. Port: 4100
  8. Action: 1
  9. Click Apply
  10. No
  11. Click License Server (Left Side)
  12. New Server
  13. Click Add
  14. OK

Step 4: Phone Programming

This step takes place after the device has been programmed by the systems administrator. You will be given a TN number that it is required for the next steps.

  1. After your soft-phone has been rebooted, you will be prompted for a NODE and a TN, if you do not see this on the main display of your soft-phone application, exit the application and re-open it now.
  2. Enter Node: 1111
  3. Enter TN: enter the number provided to you (EXAMPLE: 056 04 02 26)

Step 5: Testing (Final Step)

  1. Confirm the display has loaded and looks like your desk phone
  2. Click your extension or press enter
  3. Dial 3113
  4. Confirm You reached the voicemail system

If you have a failure at any step along this process, please contact to schedule help.


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