Stream SpectrumU on a Web Browser

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SpectrumU can be watched on any web browser (such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc). To watch SpectrumU, your device needs to be connected to the HWS-Private network.

1. Navigate to

2. A the bottom of the screen, click on Sign In to SpectrumU
Note: This dialog may appear in one of the two ways shown below.
Sign in to SpectrumUGo to SpectrumU


3. In the Enter your school domain dialog, enter

4. Click Submit
school domain

5. You will be redirected to the HWS login portal; enter your HWS username and password

6. Click Submit

Log in

7. After signing on, you will be redirected back to

8. To open Spectrum U, click  Continue

Welcome - Continue

Need additional help? Contact the HWS IT Services Help Desk.


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