Social Annotation with Hypothesis in Canvas

Hypothesis is a web annotation tool that allows users to annotate web pages, PDFs, YouTube videos, and other digital documents collaboratively. It enables collaborative reading, discussion, and feedback on course materials. Students can highlight passages, add comments, and respond to each other's annotations. Instructors can provide inline feedback and create a social learning environment. Hypothesis annotations promote active engagement, deeper understanding, and critical thinking skills.

To Add Hypothesis Assignment In Canvas:

1. Navigate to and log in with your credentials

2. Once logged in, go to the Courses section and select the course

3. Click on the Assignment icon

4.  Click on the + Assignment icon

5.  Enter assignment information 

5. Scroll down to Submission Type.  Choose External Tool and click on Find

6. Click on Hypothesis

7.  Choose the location of your resource to be annotated

8. Follow the steps to share resource and click on Submit 


9. Click on Continue

10.  Click on Select

11. Scroll to the bottom of the Assignment page. On the lower right side of the screen, click on Save 


For more insights into Hypothesis, we invite you to enroll in our self-paced online module.


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