Securely E-Mail Large Files

The Large File Transfer tool is a way used to send e-mail attachment(s) larger than 10 megabytes. Total attachments size cannot exceed a total of 20GB.

Logging in

Attaching and Sending Files

Logging In

1. Go to

2. Click Sign In with HWS Credentials


3. At the HWS login page, enter your Username and Password

4. Click Submit



Attaching and Sending Files

Prior to composing an e-mail gather the recipient list. You can type in a single e-mail or paste a list of e-mails.

1. In the upper left, click Compose

2. To search HWS contacts, In the upper left, click To > Search Directory

3. Click Save to add the address

Note: You can also type or paste the recipient's email address if they are not HWS members.

4. To add a cc or bcc, in the upper right, click cc or bcc


5. Type the subject

6. In the middle, type your message

7. At the bottom right, click the Files from computer or Folders from computer icon


8. In the pop-up explorer or finder window locate the file and click open

9. At the bottom, click Message Settings


10. Under Secure access, choose a security setting:

  • Recipients Only: Only recipient to whom email is sent can open the file
  • Recipients and users in your organization: Only HWS members can open the file
  • Recipients and anyone with user account: Upon receiving the e-mail, recipient will be asked to log in; non-HWS members would need to create an account to access the files

11. Next to File attachments expire, choose a date for the attachment to expire

12. Click Save

13. Click Send


Need additional help? Contact the HWS IT Services Help Desk.

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