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Adding HWS Email to a Computer [Windows]

Setting up Microsoft Outlook with your HWS e-mail on a computer.

Adding HWS E-mail to a Mobile Device [iOS]

Connect your HWS e-mail through the Mail app on the iPhone or iPad.

Disabling Webmail Text Prediction

E-mail / Webmail - how to toggle off text prediction or auto complete

Redirect or Forward Your HWS E-mail

How to Redirect or forward your HWS E-mail

Removing HWS E-mail Account [MacOS]

Removing your HWS e-mail from the default MacOS mail program

Securely E-Mail Large Files

The Accellion Large File Transfer Protocol must be used to send e-mail attachment(s) larger than 10 megabytes. Total attachments size cannot exceed a total of 2GB.

Sending E-Mails on Behalf of Another User

How to send emails on behalf of another user.

Setting up Sending E-Mail on Behalf of Another User

Delegating access for someone to send e-mails on your behalf

Using SonicWall Anti-Spam Utility

Managing your e-mail junkbox settings

Webmail Layout Overview

Webmail (OWA) interface layout overview