HWS Webmail (Outlook Web App or OWA) Enabling or Disabling Webmail Light

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If you wish to enable HWS Webmail Light, follow the instructions below.

To enable Webmail Light:

  1. Open a Web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari) and go to http://webmail.hws.edu


  2. Enter your HWS username and password to enter the site



  3. From the main display screen of Webmail, access the tools menu by clicking on the gear icon to the right of your name on the Outlook Web App bar


  4. Click on Display Settings



  5. Access the settings page by clicking Outlook Web App version



  6. To enable the Light Version, check the checkbox Use the light version of Outloimageok Web App


    If Use the light version of Outlook Web App is checked, you may disable it by un-checking the box.



  7. Above the Display Settings banner, click OK


  8. Close the browser tab and quit your browser

When you next log in to Webmail.hws.edu it will be using the version you selected in the above procedure.

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