Mirroring 360 through Mirroring Assist for OSX

Mirroring360 is an app that lets you share your screen wirelessly with your entire class. To begin using Mirroring 360 on a computer with OSX, you will first need to install the Mirroring 360 Mirroring Assist Application.

Mirroring 360 on Mac OSX

1. Download the Mirroring Assist app via the downloads page

2. Once downloaded, open the Mirroring Assist Application from your applications folder

Applications List

3. From the menu bar at the top of your screen select Mirror Screen to a Device

Mirroring360 Mirroring Assist Menu

4. Enter the 9 digit code displayed on the device you would like to mirror to, and select 'mirror.

Mirrorin360 Mirroring Assist Mirror Screen to Device


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