Using the Web Portal to Forward a Voicemail

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Using the Web Portal to Forward a Voicemail

Use the web portal to forward a voicemail. After you complete these steps, the voicemail will remain in your inbox; only a copy will be sent.

To Forward a Voicemail Using the Web Portal:

  1. VPN into the HWS networkSelect a voicemail and click Forward
  2. Open a web browser
  3. Navigate to
  4. Log in with your HWS credentials
  5. Confirm you are on your Home screen
  6. Click a voicemail to expand the options
  7. Click Forward

    You will now see the Voicemail Forward view.

  8. Search for recipientIn Message Recipients, select the text box next to search
  9. Type in part or all of the name of the user to whom you wish to forward this voicemail
  10. Click Search

  11. In the Available Mailboxes section, click the name
  12. Click Add

  13. Click Send to forward to the selected mailboxesOnce your Selected Mailboxes list is complete, click Send

Your voicemail has now been forwarded to whomever you intended.

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