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Phishing scams are typically fraudulent e-mail messages appearing to be legitimate. They ask you for private information (e.g., password, credit card, or other account updates) that can be used by to commit identity theft.

Please report phishing or other security incidents by using the form at the upper right.

If you have been the victim of a phishing e-mail, please also do the following:

  1. Change your password immediately at
  2. Perform a thorough malware scan of your computer. If this is a personal computer, we recommend Malwarebytes:
  3. Recognize the consequences of failing to recognize phishing e-mail: By entering your credentials, you handed your username and password over to someone else, so it is possible they may have accessed your e-mail account. If you have any sensitive data in your e-mail, you may want to take action to change those account passwords or consider other proactive measures to protect your data.
  4. Revisit the cybersecurity awareness training at
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