Installing and Using a Document Camera

Document cameras are available in most classrooms on campus and the software is already installed on the classroom computer. Skip to step 3 if you are using a document camera and Zoom in a classroom.

  1. Software: Install the appropriate software for your operating system from 
    (If you are using a document camera installed in a classroom, the software is already on the built-in computer; skip to step 3)
  2. Once installed, plug the document camera's USB into your computer
  3. Run the Visualizer software: It should now display the image from the document camera
    If it does not display or is the wrong camera: the top left button Select Camera allows you to switch / select a camera.

Note: There are multiple ways to share a document camera over Zoom. Some methods might cause students to be unable to see everything on the screen. Further details about screen sharing may be found in the screen sharing Knowledge Base article.


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