Clearing Browser Cache [Windows]

Clearing your browser cache can resolve most website-related issues on any web browser. After clearing your browser cache, make sure you go to a website by typing in the web address; don't use a bookmark to access the website if it gives you issues since bookmarks will sometimes store the incorrect web address.

Below are instructions for clearing your browser cache in the most popular browsers on Windows devices.


1. In Chrome, open the History window by pressing the key combination [Ctrl + H]

Note: Alternatively, to the right of the browser URL bar, click the three menu dots > History > History

2. On the left side of the window, click Clear browsing data

Clear browsign data

4. At the top of the Clear browsing data window, click Advanced

5. Check Cookies and other site data

6. Check Cached images and files

5. From the Time range drop-down menu, select the period of time for which you want to clear cached information

Note: To clear your entire cache, select All time

6. Click Clear Data

Advanced: clear cookies, cached images, clear data

7. Quit all browser windows


1. In the top right corner, click the menu icon

2. Click Options

firefox PC Menu

3. In the left navigation, click Privacy and Security

4. Under Cookies and Site Data, check Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed

5. Click Clear Data

Firefox preferences

6. Check Cookies and Site Data

7. Check Cached Web Content

8. Click Clear

Clear data

9. Quit all browser windows

Microsoft Edge

1. In the top right, click the Hub icon or press [Alt+F]

2. Click History

3. Select Clear browsing data

Edge History Menu

4. Select Cookies and saved website data

5. Select Cached data and files

6. Click Clear now

edge clear browsing data

7. After the "All Clear!" message appears, quit all browser windows

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