Download Adobe Creative Cloud Apps

Faculty and Staff have access to Adobe Creative Cloud applications via an Adobe Enterprise ID, assigned by HWS IT Services. This can be used to download and install Adobe Creative Cloud applications on your HWS-owned computer, as well as on a second device (which can be a personal device).

Students may access the Adobe Creative Cloud applications as licensed by HWS only on public desktop computers, either in person or remotely. Information for remote access to public desktop computers is on the right. Students can receive a discounted price on Adobe Creative Cloud Subscriptions by visiting Student who purchase their own subscription may download the applications using these instructions.

Note: Adobe ID passwords are separate from your HWS password.

To Download and Install

To download and install Adobe Creative Cloud apps, you must be assigned an Adobe Enterprise ID.

If you have not previously been assigned an Adobe Enterprise ID by IT services or you are unsure if you have contact the Help Desk. Once you have been assigned an Adobe Enterprise ID, you will receive an e-mail from Adobe prompting you to create a password. Once you have created a password for your account, please follow the instructions below to download and install Creative Cloud Apps.

1. Go to

In the upper right-hand corner, click Sign In sign-in page

3. Enter your HWS e-mail address

4. Click Continue

5. Enter your Adobe Enterprise ID password

6. Click Continue

7. Click Open Creative Cloud

welcome open creative cloud button

8. Click View All


9. Find the app you want to download, click Download


If you have not already installed the Adobe Creative Cloud app, this app will be installed first before any others.

Need additional help? Contact the HWS IT Services Desk.


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