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Roku devices may be used with TV’s on campus by connecting to the HWS-PublicWIFI network. Below are step by step instructions to setup your Roku device on HWS Public.

1. Using an available HDMI input, plug in the Roku Device

2. Power up the Roku device to view it on your TV

3. On startup, your Roku device should go to the Choose your Network page

4. Select Scan again to see all networks


5. Select HWS-Public

6. Press OK

7. Select I am a hotel or a college dorm

8. Using your cellphone, connect to the Roku device


9. Enter the password

10. Press Connect

11. On your mobile device the SSL certificate should pop up, press Connect

12. Press Accept & Continue


13. The Roku device should now prompt to look for updates, select OK

14. After the Roku restarts, it might ask to auto detect display type, click OK, go automatic

15. Yes, screen looks good.

Once at the Roku home screen, you should be ready to start using your Roku device on the HWS Public Wi-fi network. For help streaming spectrumU see <INSERT NAME OF ARTICLE> on the right.

Need additional help? Contact the HWS IT Services Help Desk.

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