Network Access (wireless)

Summary (what you get)

Two wireless networks are available: a public network, for guests and certain devices (gaming consoles, smart TVs, other smart devices), and a private network for those with HWS network accounts (students, faculty, staff). Basic instructions for connecting various devices to the wireless networks are available.

Services Included

There are two options for connecting to the new wireless network:

  • HWS-Private - this is the wireless network for students, faculty and staff. Individuals must have an HWS network username and password to connect to this network. HWS-Private is intended to provide more bandwidth, enhanced security and encryption, and access to all of the services on the HWS network. Once connected to HWS-Private your device is set and will automatically reconnect to HWS-Private whenever you are on campus.
  • HWS-Public - this is the wireless network for guests and visitors to the HWS campus who need access to the Internet. Every time a guest or visitor connects to HWS-Public they will be asked to agree and accept the terms of the Responsible and Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources Policy. Entertainment devices are not permitted to use HWS-Private, only HWS-Public. After selecting HWS-Public, your device should be connected to the Internet. If the device does not connect, you may need to restart your device and reconnect to HWS-Public. If after several restarts your device does not connect, you will need to provide your device’s MAC address to the IT Help Desk. Your device’s MAC address is located on the device itself, in the device settings, or in the device documentation. The MAC address looks like a string of two-character groups, usually separated by a colon or dash, like this: MAC Address: C0-33-5E-D9-C8-D2. To submit your MAC address to the Help Desk, please use the green button Request Device Access on this page.