Internet Access

Summary (what you get)

The HWS campus provides Internet access for students, staff, faculty, and the community through two wireless networks and one wired network.

Services Included

  • HWS-Private: This is the wireless network for students, faculty and staff. Individuals must enter their HWS credentials to connect to this network. HWS-Private is intended to provide more bandwidth, enhanced security and encryption, and access to all of the services on the HWS network. Once connected to HWS-Private your device is set and will automatically reconnect to HWS-Private whenever you are on campus.
  • HWS-Public: This is the wireless network for guests and visitors to the HWS campus who need access to the Internet. Every time a guest or visitor connects to HWS-Public they will be asked to agree and accept the terms of the Responsible and Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources Policy. Entertainment devices MUST use HWS-Public. After accepting the terms of use, your device should be connected to the Internet. If the device does not connect, you may need to restart your device and reconnect to HWS-Public.
  • Wired: IT Services provides wired ports in almost all campus buildings, including student resident halls. This is the most reliable method for staff and faculty to access HWS network resources. Students needing to access resources like remote desktop or network space should use HWS-Private.

Trouble Connecting?

  • If you are having trouble connecting to HWS-Private, make sure that you are entering your username and password correctly. If you can log into other resources such as your HWS e-mail, Canvas, or even HWS-Private on another device, your credentials are still valid. If not, contact the Help Desk for assistance.
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