Adding HWS Email to a Computer [MacOS]

These instructions are for connecting your HWS e-mail to a desktop application on a MacOS computer. For the best experience we recommend using the Microsoft Outlook app which comes installed on all HWS-issued devices.

Use Microsoft Outlook

Use Mac Mail (default mail application)

Using Microsoft Outlook

1. On the dock, click Launchpad

2. Click Microsoft Outlook

3. Type your HWS E-mail Address

4. Click Continue

5. Type your HWS Username

6. Click Submit

7. Type your HWS Password

8. Click Submit

9. Click Personalize Now

10.Do one of the following:

  • To personalize colors, font, message density, etc., click Continue
  • To go right to your e-mail, click Finish Later


Using Mac Mail

1. On the dock, click Launchpad

2. Click Mail

mac mail icon

3. Select Microsoft Exchange

4. Click Continue

5. Type Your Name

6. Type Your HWS e-mail address

7. Click Sign In

8. Click Sign In

9. Type Your HWS Username

10. Click Submit

11. Type Your HWS password

12. Click Submit

13. Choose which items to sync

14. Click Done

15. Choose a mail privacy protection option

16. Click Continue

Need additional help? Contact the HWS IT Services Help Desk.

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