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E-mail is a tool that all members of the community use on a daily basis in carrying out their teaching, research, and operational activities. HWS has distribution lists and Listserv's that were created to provide faculty and staff with more options, consistency, and clarity in communication to specific groups.

The e-mail distribution lists and LISTSERV e-mail-based discussion lists are a means to separate communication channels for announcements from electronic spaces for discussion.

Services Included

HWS e-mail distribution lists

These lists are for the distribution of announcements or information related to the academic and operational needs of the Colleges. These lists have been set up so members of the Colleges community may send to various groupings of employees, as well as student classes and majors/minors.

LISTSERV discussion lists

These lists are for conducting discussions via e-mail. They can be used by any member to initiate an e-mail based discussion on any topic they believe may be of interest to the group. The LISTSERVs have been set up so members of the Colleges community may send to the community at large, or to staff or faculty.

Custom Lists

Custom lists can be requested to use as a mechanism to distribute information amongst a group of users via e-mail. Lists are highly configurable by the requester, who takes on the role of “List Manager”. Unlike some other e-mail distribution options, recipients of the list may be users within the HWS community (i.e. user@hws.edu) or generic Internet users (i.e. user@gmail.com). Custom lists include:

  • An e-mail address in the form listname@list.hws.edu which distributes messages to list members
  • A Web-based administration tool allows a list manager to change membership and list properties:
    • Manually adding members to the list
    • Allowing users to self-subscribe to the list
    • Announcement lists where only the list manager can send e-mails to the list
    • Discussion lists where subscribers can also send e-mails to the list

What is Not Included

An e-mail distribution list is not to be used for advertising or soliciting personal items/services, or for conducting a discussion via e-mail.

When Customer Receives It

HWS e-mail distribution lists

Because the e-mail distribution lists are for the dissemination of academic or operational information, membership in these lists is mandatory to ensure that broad communications are reaching every constituent group member. Only authorized individuals can send to certain lists. All student lists are updated by a daily automatic update from Student Records.

LISTSERV discussion lists

Membership in the LISTSERV discussion lists is optional, with each member having the ability to unsubscribe or subscribe at any time. Members are added at time of hire and removed upon separation.

Custom Lists

Custom lists can be requested by submitting a request using the Request Custom Listserv button in the upper right.

Request Custom E-mail List

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