POSIT Cloud Student Login Process: Accepting the Invitation to POSIT

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Students enrolled in data analysis courses may be added to the POSIT Cloud system. The POSIT cloud system is an online platform designed for teaching and learning scripting languages, such as Python and R for data analysis.

Accepting the Invitation to POSIT

Students are invited to join POSIT space by the faculty teaching the course. The invitation link to join a POSIT Cloud Space is sent to each student e-mail inbox. When the link is received, students can complete the invitation process by clicking the link.

Student best practices for accessing POSIT:  

  • Recommended browsers for accessing POSIT cloud are Firefox, Chrome, or Opera. Safari and Edge are not recommended.
  • If Safari browser is used, use of keychain passwords is not recommended. Manual input of username and password are highly recommended. 
  • After accepting the invitation, students can use the following URL to log in: https://login.posit.cloud/

To complete the initial log in process:

1. Open HWS e-mail to receive an invitation to join a POSIT space

Note: The link in the e-mail will direct the students to POSIT cloud.


2. Click on the link in the e-mail invitation

3. On the Log In screen, click on the blue button Log In via Hobart and William Smith

4. On the Username screen enter your HWS username

5. On the password screen enter your HWS password

Once you have completed these steps, the Welcome screen will be visible.


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