POSIT Cloud Collaborative Space for Student Projects

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POSIT Cloud offers the option to have students collaborate on group based projects. Collaborative projects allow for up to five members to code a project at any one time.

Creating Collaborative Space for Student Projects

Faculty best practices for creating student collaborative space:

  • Requesting a unique POSIT space be created for a project group is the recommended method
  • Creating a project generally available to all members of the course space is a secondary option, but not recommended

Note: Collaborative editing is limited to 5 simultaneous users on any project.

To request a unique POSIT space for a project group:

Pros: Students cannot enter an incorrect collaborative project.

Cons: Requires a request for setup and additional space invitation links to manage.

In a collaborative group POSIT space, each student can be added with the role of Participant (default) or Moderator. If the students are invited to the new group project space with default role, the space will function like a course space. That is, the faculty member (Admin role) will be required to create projects to the group.

With the Moderator role, each student in the collaborator space can create a new project that can then be immediately opened and edited by each member.

To request a student collaboration space in POSIT; please open a TDX ticket and provide the following information:

  1. Submit a ticket using the form here: https://hws.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/1889/Portal/Requests/TicketRequests/NewForm?ID=afE-r8VesXg_&RequestorType=Service
  2. In the Title add:  "Requesting POSIT Student collaboration space"
  3. In the description field, please provide the following information:
  • Course Number and Name
  • A list of the students by group
  • If known, please indicate if the students have used POSIT cloud before
  • Indicate if the students are to be added to the group POSIT space as a participant or as a moderator.

Each POSIT collaboration space will be named using the course code that they are formed from. The course instructor will be added to each collaboration space with the role of administrator.

To create a project generally available to all members of the course space:

Pros: This option is quick to setup and share.

Cons: If the course space is used to create generally available group projects, all students will be able to enter all projects. Careful naming of the projects for specific space members is strongly recommended and the only method that ensures students enter the proper collaborative project.

Creating a project


1. Create the Project

2. Click on the Gear Icon

3. Click Access

4. In the General Access dropdown, select Space Members

5. Do not designate this project an assignment


Note: In order to protect your course content, it is not recommended that students be granted moderator or higher status in your course space, unless they are acting in a Teacher Assistant (TA) capacity for the course.

Note: Newly created projects that are designated as accessible by all group members through General Access are not like an assignment that is created in course POSIT space by an instructor. While an assignment creates a temporary copy for each student to take full ownership of, projects created with general access are not copies and are immediately available for all members of the space to edit.


For further information about a student collaboration space, please refer to the following POSIT Cloud Guide article on Collaboration Spaces:



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