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POSIT Cloud is used in data analysis focused courses where the R and Python scripting languages are subject of the teaching. Students are invited to POSIT course spaces at the beginning of each semester at the convenience of the instructor. There are two primary methods for inviting students and they are outlined below.

Inviting Students to POSIT

Faculty best practices for inviting student to POSIT:
•    Sharing a Link is the recommended method for inviting students to POSIT: use the invitation link posted to a Canvas announcement to efficiently invite multiple students.

•   Add Users is a secondary option: use the Add Users function to invite students one at a time.

To invite multiple students by sharing a link:

1. On the Members tab of a POSIT space, click on the radio button for Sharing Link

2. In the Access area, on the Initial Role dropdown, choose the appropriate role: 

  • Contributor: this role is used for Students
  • Moderator: this role is used for TA

Note: Check the Permissions assigned to Contributors. By default, the "Can change their contents' resources" is not chosen. This can be checked to allow students to adjust the RAM resources available to their POSIT projects.

3. Click on Copy Sharing Link











4. Paste the link to a Canvas announcement or e-mail

Note: When posting to a Canvas announcement, convert the plain text of the URL to an active link.


To invite one student at a time using Add Member:

1. In the Member tab, click Add Member


















2. In the Add Member dialogue, enter the e-mail address

3. Choose the appropriate role:

  • Contributor: this role is for students
  • Moderator: this role is for TA's

4. Click Add

Note: Students must be added one at a time using this method.


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