POSIT Cloud: Recovering past course coding course work

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POSIT Cloud is used in data analysis focused courses where the R and Python scripting languages are subject of the teaching. Students are invited to POSIT course spaces at the beginning of each semester at the convenience of the instructor.

At the end of each semester, POSIT spaces are archived for long term storage. When POSIT course spaces are archived, student users and their code projects are removed from the course space. The student code projects can be recovered by re-instating the archived course space, and re-inviting the student to the space.

Below are the steps for students to follow in order to preserve the code written while participating in a course that used POSIT cloud.

The most direct way for students to keep copies of past work and preserve it for future use is to download POSIT R projects and code to their own machines. It is strongly recommended that the student machine have R and R Studio installed so the code can be reviewed.

To Export and Preserve POSIT Cloud Code Projects for R:

1. Accept the invitation to re-join the recovered course space or export from a space you are currently enrolled.

Note: A course space must be re-instated at the request of the faculty member that owns the space.

Note: Please review the article: Accepting the Invitation to POSIT for the steps on accessing a POSIT course space using an invitation.

2. In your course space, navigate to your project or projects

3. In the R Studio Project window, navigate to the Files window

4. In the Files window, click on the project files needed

5. In the Files window, click on the gear icon

6. On the More quick menu, select Export

7. In the Export Files window, rename the file (optional) and click Download

All of the selected files are now in a zipped file that can be unzipped and used on the personal machine.

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