Sending A Survey (Baseline: Sending A Survey)

This set of instructions follows the set for creating a new project, and assumes that a survey project has already been started and is at the point of being e-mailed to the recipients.

There are two ways to send a survey: by e-mailing the link to the survey, or by using the mass e-mail feature of the Baseline program.

To send a survey by e-mailing the link:

Note: If you use this option, responses are anonymous (unless you add a validation) and respondents can access the link an unlimited number of times.

1.       Administration_web.gifOn the Project Dashboard page for the survey, under Administration, copy the unique link to the survey

2.       Using your e-mail program (Outlook, etc.), create an e-mail to your recipient list and paste the link into the body of the e-mail







To send a survey with the Mass Mailings tool:

Note: With this option, a unique link is sent to each e-mail address so respondents are identified and may only complete the survey once; respondents may leave the survey and return to it where they left off; reminders may be sent to non-respondents only.

Warning: You cannot use this tool to send a survey to a listserv or distribution list.

  1. On the Project Dashboard page for the survey, under Mass Mailings, click Manage
  2. massmailing_newmailing.gifOn the Mass Mailings page, click Create New Mailing




  1. massmailing_new.pngFollow the instructions on the Blank Mailing page to compose the message

·         Enter a name from whom the e-mail will appear to be sent

·         Enter an address to whom recipients can reply

·         Enter a subject

·         In the e-mail body, write a message

·         Click the button [Insert Instructions]

Note: It will appear as just [INSTRUCTIONS] in the message text; this is normal.

4.       At the bottom, click Create



  1. massmailing_new2.pngFollow the instructions on the mailing completion page to select recipients

a.       Click the To… button

b.      In the Add Addresses tab, paste the address list

c.       AddAddresses.pngClick Add Addresses





d.      reviewaddresses.pngReview the addresses; when finished click Close

Note: You may have to expand your browser to see the Close button. On a PC, press [F11] to expand (and again to contract); on a Mac, use the arrows in the upper right of the browser.

e.      preview.pngAbove the Details area, click Preview








  1. finalizemailing.pngIn the Requested Schedule Date area, schedule the date/time to send the e-mail

7.       The schedule date must be at least 10 minutes in the future and between the project's open and close dates.

  1. Click Finish

The e-mail will be sent automatically, based on the date/time entered.


If you have any trouble with the above process, please contact the Help Desk in the Library Learning Commons or 315-781-4357 (ext. 4357/HELP on campus).