Combining Two Sections of the Same Course in Canvas

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Combining two sections of a Canvas course together is usually done when you are teaching multiple sections of the same course in the same semester. You will choose a "parent" section and integrate the other section(s) into that course so that there is just one course on Canvas for all of your sections.

Benefits of Combining Canvas Courses

  • It consolidates the number of places you need to post information for your students - you can make one announcement to all of your course sections at once
  • It centralizes assignments and grading - you only need to go to one place to access all submissions for all sections
  • Combining Canvas courses maintains the students in their original sections, allowing you to give separate assignment or quiz due dates for sections that meet on different days, for example.This also maintains the Peoplesoft daily roster updates

Things to Consider

  • Requests for combining Canvas courses are best done before you begin adding materials to the course. Any materials in "child" courses will disappear after combining
  • Courses must be unpublished to be combined in Canvas
  • After combining, the "child" sections will disappear from your Canvas course list. The "parent" course will be the only course you and your students see. This may concern students who expected to be in section -02 and see their class named as section -01
  • Students will only be able to see and interact with students in their same course section
  • You as the instructor can still see which students are in which sections by accessing the Sections tab in the Settings menu
  • You can also view the Gradebook one section at a time with the View > Filters menu in the Gradebook. This may be helpful when inputting grades into Peoplesoft


To take advantage of this capability, please submit the Online Learning Management System Request Form.


Need additional help? Contact the HWS IT Services Digital Learning Team.


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