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An introduction to the Universal Design for Learning framework and how Canvas can help you incorporate the UDL principles for your diverse learners.
Video guides for the most frequently used tools for online instruction, including Zoom and Canvas.
Article to assist students with troubleshooting videos that are posted to Canvas sites. Includes troubleshooting for both links and embedded videos
Using Box to deliver video content through Canvas is a great way to ensure that students have access to the content in an easy and accessible way.
Accessing Canvas after graduation
Viewing faculty feedback on assignments
Importing or Copying Canvas Course Materials
Merging or Combining Canvas Course Sites
Canvas course design help
Form to request that a student collaborator be added to a Canvas site.
Overview of grading process using iPad to grade Canvas submitted PDFs that are downloaded to Box.
Do you need to teach your students remotely and have little or no notice to plan to do so?