Sharing Files with Box

Sharing & Inviting Collaborators

There are many different ways you can share your content with Box. The two primary methods are shared links and inviting collaborators.

Shared Links

Shared links allow you to quickly copy and share hyperlinks to content stored in Box with your coworkers and friends – both inside and outside the Colleges. Sending someone a shared link to a file or folder allows them to view or download a document, however it does not allow them to edit or upload new versions (for this functionality, use Invite Collaborators). To learn about shared links visit Creating Shared Links.

Box allows you to create a custom URL that links to your shared document. Click the Share button to the right of the file or folder, then click the gear wheel icon for Advanced Settings. Click E-mail to send the link to someone. Links can easily be accessed by those who do not have Box accounts.

Inviting Collaborators

A collaborator is an individual who has been invited into a file or folder. When a user is added to a file or folder as a collaborator, the item will appear in their All Files page. Collaborators that have proper permissions will be able to edit, upload new versions, and comment on documents. To learn about collaborators visit Inviting Collaborators.

If you send a collaboration invitation to a person without a Box account, that person will be prompted to sign up with Box before being able to access the content.

Note: When searching for students to collaborate on a file or folder in Box use their firstname.lastname e-mail address and NOT their username (e.g. AB1234). For some students this may mean looking them up in PeopleSoft or Outlook to determine their name of record.  If someone has invited a student using their username e-mail (AB1234) the student will receive the invitation but be unable to access it.

To invite collaborators, select the more options menu (three dots) next tot he document or folder, select share, and select invite collaborators.  Type the email(s) of the person(s) that you would like to give access to, and select send invites.  Box will automatically invite those users that don't have a box account to register before accessing files. 

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