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Any time you use any of the Adobe Creative Suite applications, such as Photoshop, Premier, Lightroom, etc., you will need to sign in with either an Adobe ID (for students) or an Adobe Enterprise ID (for faculty/staff). For students, this log in will be different than your HWS credentials. For faculty and staff, this ID will be your HWS e-mail address. Save your work often: if you are signed out, and you close the application, you may lose your work.

Faculty or Staff: If you have not previously been assigned an Adobe Enterprise ID by IT Services or you are unsure if you have an Adobe contact the IT Services Help Desk. Once you have been assigned an Adobe Enterprise ID, you will receive an e-mail from Adobe prompting you to create a password. Once you have created a password for your account, please follow the instructions below to sign in to the Adobe Creative Suite.

Students: You can create an Adobe ID for free on your own; see the instructions below. It is recommended you use your HWS e-mail but you can also use other methods to sign in like Facebook or Google.

Logging into your Enterprise Account for the First Time

1. Go to and choose Sign In

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)2. Use your HWS e-mail and click Continue

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)3. Next, choose Company or School Account

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)4. Create a Password

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

To Sign in to Adobe

1. Open an Adobe product, and you will be prompted to log in with an Adobe ID

2. Enter your Adobe Enterprise ID (Faculty/Staff) or Adobe ID (Students)

3. Enter your password

4. Click Sign In

Note: Students, If you have not already created an Adobe ID, follow the remaining steps to create an ID and sign in.


Installing Adobe Creative Cloud

1. Go to

2. Sign in to your account with your HWS e-mail (Faculty/Staff) or Adobe ID (Students)

3. Go to the grid menu in the top right and then select Creative Cloud

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)4. Choose Install Creative Cloud app 

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Creating an Adobe ID (Students)

1. Click Get an Adobe ID

2. Enter the required information

3. Click Sign Up

4. You will receive an e-mail from Adobe with a link to verify your e-mail address, click the verification link

5. Click Continue

You should now be able to follow the above directions for signing in.


Need Additional Help? Contact the HWS IT Services Desk.


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To Download Adobe Creative Cloud Apps:
• HWS Faculty and Staff have access to Adobe Creative Cloud applications via an Adobe Enterprise ID, assigned by HWS IT Services. This can be used to download and install Adobe Creative Cloud applications on your HWS owned computer, as well as on a second device (which can be a personal device.)
• HWS Students only have access to the Adobe Creative Cloud applications as licensed by HWS while accessing the Creative Cloud on an HWS owned computer configure