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Services or Offerings?
IT Services subscribes to Atomic Learning (Infobase), a Web-based library of video tutorials on software including Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.), Adobe Creative Suite (including Photoshop and InDesign), iMovie and more.

Licensed account access to Ensemble's video streaming and hosting platform as well as Ensemble Anthem recording software.

IT Services provides a Web-based video conferencing tool to allow faculty and staff to conduct meetings online.

CES offers live and studio audio and video recording. Events may be supported either by a technician recording the event or by providing training and access to the equipment for the requester to record.

Institution-licensed software may be installed on institutional computers free of charge by contacting IT Services. Some software is also available for purchase at or through the Help Desk.

IT Services provides individualized software instruction and training to faculty, students, and staff. Curricular projects are given priority for resources.

IT Services has several options for lending conference phones for teleconferences and meetings.