Summary (what you get)

Campus printers are available for use by faculty, staff, and students. Printers are available across campus.

Services Included

Faculty and Staff

  • Faculty and staff print for free.
  • Printers are available in all buildings across campus and are often shared by multiple people in an office or a floor.
  • Each printer has an HWS-# and can be added to your HWS issued device.


  • Students receive $15 worth of print credits at the beginning of each semester.
    • This adds up to 187 black and white pages ($.08/page) and 37 color pages ($.40). Double-sided printing discounts 30%.
    • The balance at the end of the fall semester rolls over to the spring semester. Any balance at the end of the spring semester will NOT roll over to the following fall.
  • Access to campus printers. Students can print using the multi-function device printers in computer labs and the library using any public desktop computer.

Printing from Personal Devices

Students, Faculty, and Staff can print from personal devices but ONLY to public printers through the print portal, On the print portal you can:

  • Send jobs to a printer
  • View print history
  • Cancel a job/request a refund
  • View print rates
  • Purchase additional print credits with a Visa/Mastercard or via PayPal
  • Share print credits with another student

Service Does Not Include

When Customer Receives It

Faculty and staff with active accounts will have access to the print server.
Students receive $15 worth of credits at the beginning of each semester.
Print to Public Printers

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